Want to grow closer to God, support your church, and make a greater difference in our community?
REACH! That’s the name of our 2014 stewardship campaign. “Not an equal share, but an equal sacrifice” is the theme.
Through REACH you will be asked to make your annual pledge commitment to the operating budget and you will be asked to make a 3 year commitment pledge to pay down the FLC debt. We’re going to be asking the entire HUMC family, to reach out to God in prayer with thanksgiving for who He is and all He does. With gratitude in your heart, we want you to ask God,
“Lord, what do you want to do through me? How far do you want me to REACH?”
Will God have you serve on one of the many campaign teams? Will He lead you to faithful prayer for the upcoming effort?
Will He ask you to give more than you think you can handle? The answer might be a strong yes to all.
God has a way of REACHing into our hearts and lives in unexpected and uncomfortable ways! Yet, His hand is always there.
Don’t be afraid. REACH for it!
REACH up to the heavens. REACH out to others. REACH into your pockets. This campaign is about spiritual growth, the kind of growth that only happens when you REACH beyond yourself and your circumstances toward our mighty and capable God.
Through REACH we have the opportunity to pay down the debt incurred during the building of the Family Life Center. Prior to our 2006 capital campaign (which raised over $1.2 million) the church was so over crowded, ministry was seriously hindered.
Since opening the Family Life Center in 2009, we have seen ministry grow and flourish. After paying off our current debt,
we will be able to serve and provide ministry in ways we’ve yet to dream.

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