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Summer !



  Hey Everyone!  We have an awesome summer planned for our Youth Ministry!  All of these events are geared so that we can deepen relationships with each other and with God! 

Summer is a perfect time for our students to invite friends to try out our program!  Make sure to invite a few friends to all these events!  

See you at the beach! 

- Josh 


17 1 16 Winter Retreats

Winter Retreats Jan 16, 2017


It's that time of year again! The Youth Ministry is gearing up to go on our annual Winter Retreats! I have to say, these retreats are one of the best and most impactful thing we do all year. There is just something special about spending a weekend in the snow, hearing God's word, and getting away from it all.


This year we are taking the High School Students back to Camp Barakel. Last year we tried out the camp for the first time and we had an amazing time. Camp Barakel directs you to enjoy the more simple things about the Winter Season. What they lack in heated pools, they gain in quiet snowscapes with the sound of wind rustling the trees. It always seems easier to connect with God when you are disconnected from the internet and find yourself in the wonder of God's Creation.


For the Middle School Students we are trying a new camp this year. It is called Grace Adventure and it is located in Silver Lake, MI. The theme for the Middle School camp is Level Up. I'm excited to try someplace new with our students. We have always loved Spring Hill, but I have just gotten an itch to try some new places and see what other kind of experiences we might be able to have. So far I have heard nothing but great things from a fellow youth pastor who was there a couple weeks ago!


If you could find some time to be praying for our students and leaders as we go to camp that would be such a blessing. These weekends are often pivotal moments for students in their decision to walk with Christ. We are bringing a total of 23 students and 4 adults to camp over the next several weeks and I want nothing more than for us to all come back feeling renewed in our faith and ready to be a light for Christ in 2017!


16 12 7 Josh's First Blog

Josh's First Blog

Merry Christmas everybody! What a amazing time of year it is. After reading a few of Pastor Tom's blogs I started to get jealous and decided I wanted to be Blogger Jr. so here is my first attempt at doing just that.

I want to use this blog to give everyone some personal updates about what is going on in the Youth Ministry here at Highland United Methodist. If you have a student who is joining us on Sunday mornings, they have been experiencing lessons about the life of Jesus Christ. We have embarked on a year long study going in depth on the life of Jesus and what makes his story so amazing. We have been having some great conversations about what it means to be a teenager who follows Christ. Last Sunday in the High School class we talked about how God chose Mary, who was very likely a teenager, to bring the Son of God into the world. I know our teens are capable of some amazing things today as well, so lets encourage them to do so!

In Revive (High School Youth Group) we are starting to look at different worldviews and how we can interact with them in a gracious way. In our last lesson we learned how to Ask, Admire, and Admit. Ask meaning ask lots of questions, admire meaning admire what you appreciate about someone else's worldviews, and admit that you are a follower of Christ and this is why! We will be continuing this for the next several weeks. I'm praying that we becoming stronger in our faith as well as more understanding of other people's faiths.

Rev316 has been doing “hand's on” lessons, such as skits, building their own armor of God, dramatic readings and other things. The students have really enjoyed this different way of teaching! Right now Rev316 is helping with the Sent dinner. They are helping set up tables, chairs, and cleaning up afterwards! They love to help out!

I'm going to be posting monthly, so be prepared for more Jr. Blogging!! Merry Christmas to you!