Adult Education

HUMC has a variety of Adult Christian Education opportunities;
including classes on Sunday mornings, weekday mornings
and  evenings.
PHILOSOPHY:  We believe that education is a life-long process
that God uses to bring us to maturity in Christ.
"Spiritual growth is not automatic,It takes an
intentional commitment.
You must want to grow,  decide to grow, make an effort
to grow, and persist in growing."  
Pastor Rick Warren from The Purpose Driven Life
PURPOSE:  The purpose of education at HUMC is to encourage
seekers and to support believers in their quest to be like Christ.  
Christian discipleship is the process of learning from Jesus and
growing in the Spirit of Jesus.  It begins with commitment and is
followed by the development of habits that assist in a fully formed
Christian life experience.  Our education team recognizes
the five purposes of Christ given in His most important mandates
to humankind.  Students who take our classes will develop
a greater understanding of worship, discipleship, ministry,
fellowship and evangelism
For more information about our Adult Education opportunites
We also offer a variety of small group settings.





Adult Education Opportunities